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About Wingleader

Wing Leader Ltd was set up by Red Kite founders Simon W Parry and Mark Postlethwaite to act as an online retail business for their Red Kite publishing titles.

Simon W Parry

Simon is now one of Britain’s leading aviation historians, but his roots are in Surrey where he began his research into the battles and aircraft crashes in the county 30 years ago, a time it was possible to interview many witnesses to the events. His interest in the air war lead him to become a professional researcher at the National Archives, undertaking a variety of assignments for those not able to conduct their own investigations. Since the publication of his first book in 1987 he has focused his attentions on the editing and production of over 40 aviation books for publishers. He is also one of Europe’s most experienced aviation archaeologists, contributing to and appearing in several TV documentaries for the BBC, Channel 4 and others.

Mark Postlethwaite GAvA

Mark is one of the world’s leading aviation artists, with his work hanging in major collections and museums worldwide. He has been a professional aviation artist for over 25 years and during his career has flown in a variety of front line military aircraft including the Harrier, Hawk and Tucano, as well as vintage types such as the BE2c and the FE2b down in New Zealand. He has also contributed to several TV documentaries and even won the top prize on the old TV game show $64,000 Question with Bob Monkhouse answering questions on the Battle of Britain. Mark has produced over 150 cover paintings for Osprey Publishing over the years and in his early career was published by Air Vice Marshal J E ‘Johnnie’ Johnson’s fine art business. He has a broad knowledge of WWII aviation with a particular focus and passion for RAF Bomber Command.

Mark and Simon joined forces around 20 years ago to form Red Kite and since then have published over 50 titles, mostly relating to the Air War over North West Europe.