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N A Mustang in RAF Service Part 1 (WPA 22)

Colin Ford

RAF AllisonMustangscover1000
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A4 landscape
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72 pages
  • Illustrations
approx 120 photos and 6 colour profiles
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Saddle stitched soft back


When we first looked at the RAF Mustang for this series, we imagined one volume and asked our regular RAF expert Andrew Thomas to get started on it. Andy did a great job in condensing the RAF Mustang’s career into an 80 page operational overview but it soon became apparent to us that there was a lot more to the Mustang’s operational career than maybe we first imagined. In particular, there was a huge difference between the Allison engined version and the later Merlin engined fighters from both the technical and operational point of views.

‍We therefore decided to start again and to split the project into two titles, one covering the Allison engined Mustangs, the other covering the Merlin powered examples. For this first book, we approached Colin Ford who is well know as an expert on all aspects of the Allison engined Mustang in RAF service. Building on Andy’s solid foundation of photo research, Colin has introduced his broad technical knowledge of the subject along with many rare and unseen photos from his own collection, with the result being a worthy tribute to the Mustang Mk I, Mk IA and Mk II and the pilots that flew them.

‍As always, we have some superb high-res images throughout the book and have pulled out the shadow detail to really highlight the small vents and aerials that have been overlooked since WW2.

This book contains approx 120 original wartime/pre-war photos and 6 in-depth colour profiles