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A Defiant Night fighter is shot down by an unseen foe in 1941. Suggs from Madness investigates for the 'WW2 Treasure Hunters' TV series.
Tony Robinson's 'Time Team' Recover a Spitfire in France.
The Bishop of Bath and Wells Blesses a Spitfire Dig
A tragic case of friendly fire, investigated as a WW2 Treasure Hunters TV Dig with Suggs from Madness.
A lost Battle of Britain Hurricane recovery, with a Saigon connection.
Sgt Ray Holmes rams a Dornier over central London on the 15th September 1940. An epic tale and an epic recovery.
Shot down in the Battle of Britain, John Cock saw parts of his Hurricane recovered in 1983.
An American Eagle Squadron pilot abandons his Spitfire over Northern Ireland. Seventy years later it is excavated for the BBC 'Dig WW2' series with Dan Snow.
Shot down and abandoned over Essex at the height of the Battle of Britain, 'Paddy' Hemmingway, the last surviving member of 'The Few', watched fragments of his Hurricane emerge from...
The longest surviving member of the Dambusters, Johnny Johnson, witnesses the remains of his Lancaster being recovered for the Channel 4 documentary 'Last of the Dambusters'.
A week before the official start of the Battle of Britain, a young Welsh pilot is lost on patrol. Sixty Seven years later, the remains of his Spitfire are recovered...
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